Labor Demand and Supply

The graphs show the daily number of job openings and the number of candidates looking for a job. The jobs can be disaggregated into industry groups and the number of candidates can be disaggregated into occupation type.

In a healthy labor market, there are at least as many jobs as people looking for them. The ratio of the number of candidates to jobs less than or equal to 1 suggests enough jobs for everyone.

Employment and Unemployment

The graph shows the employment by industry. These are estimates produced from monthly survey of businesses and government agencies.

The graph shows the number of people in labor force and employed. The gap between the labor force and employment is the number of unemployed. These estimates are based on place of residence.

Current month = Oct, 2023

Current month = Oct, 2023

Current month = Nov, 2023

Housing Market

A good indicator for how well the economy is doing is to see how the housing construction activity is performing. The graph shows the number of new housing permits issued in SB-Mishawaka MSA. The number has been fairly constant across 2019-2020, suggesting that COVID did not decrease house construction activity.

The graph shows the number of eviction filings in South Bend, IN for the current year and average for the years 2016-19. The shaded regions are where there were orders against eviction in effect. Here too, the number of eviction filings are lower in 2020 as compared to average of 2016-19 suggesting that the stay on evictions helped in reducing the filings.

The graph shows the typical value for homes in the region.

Business Activity

Below is a wordcloud of employers currently hiring.

Occupations in demand in December 01, 2023 .

Top 10 Job skills in demand in November 2023 .

Top 10 Tools and Technology in demand in November 2023 .

Search for skills by typing in the box.

Search for tools and technologies by typing in the box.

The graph shows the number of business licenses issued in South Bend, IN.

Top 10 Certifications in demand in November 2023 .

The graph shows the business initiation activity in Indiana counties. It tracks Employer Identification Number (EIN) applications that business use for tax purposes

Income and Poverty

The graph below shows the personal income per capita in the region
The graph below shows the hourly average wage for different occcupations in SB-Mishawaka MSA.
The graph to the right shows the number of SNAP and TANF beneficiaries in the region.
TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) is a program that provides cash assistance to children under age 18 who are deprived of financial support of a parent. Eligibility requires a child who is living with a parent or relative such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc., and deprived of financial support from a parent by reason of death, absence from the home, unemployment, or a physical or mental incapacity. A family may not possess assets valued in excess of $1,000 at the time application for assistance is made.The house, which is the usual residence, is exempt.
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) program, formerly known as food stamps, designed to raise the nutritional level of low income households by supplementing their available food purchasing dollars with food stamp coupons. To qualify, applicants must meet both non-financial and financial requirements. Non-financial requirements include state residency, citizenship/alien status, work registration and cooperation with the IMPACT Program. Financial criteria include income and asset limits. There is a gross income limit for the number of people sharing food the stamps will buy, except for households with elderly or disabled members.

Structural Indicators

The graph below shows the employment in different sectors in SB-Mishawaka MSA. The size of the boxes is proportional to the number of people employed by the industry. The largest sectors are Manufacturing, Accommodation and Food Services, and Retail Trade.

The graph below shows the employment in different occupations in SB-Mishawaka MSA. The size of the boxes is proportional to the number of people employed in the occupation. The most common occupations are Office and Administrative Support Occupations, Sales and Related Occupations, Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations and Production Occupations.


This website has been developed by the Pulte Institute for Global Development and the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society at the University of Notre Dame, in collaboration with the City of South Bend. Funding was provided by the Citi Foundation.

The objective is to provide clear visibility of the state of the South Bend - Mishawaka MSA economy.

The Economy tracker data will be updated monthly.

All the data and the code is available here.

The Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society. (2022). South Bend Economy Database.

South Bend Economy Database

Research and Data Visualization tools to understand the economic dynamics and new growth opportunities for South Bend, Indiana.

South Bend-Mishawaka Metropolitan Statistical Area (SB-Mishawaka MSA), sometimes referred to as Michiana, is an area consisting of two counties - one in northern Indiana (St. Joseph) and one in southwest Michigan (Cass). It is anchored by the cities of South Bend and Mishawaka in Indiana.

It has a population of 323,613 (as of 2019) and has a 216 th largest GDP among all MSAs (as of 2018).

With an Economic Complexity Index (ECI) of 0.0691, it ranks as the 243rd most complex MSA in the ECI ranking of 388 MSAs. Compared to five years prior, SB-Mishawaka MSA's economy has become less complex, worsening 8 positions in the ECI ranking.

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